• Seafood Dishes


    Salmon Fillet with Japanese

    Teriyaki Sauce 煎三文鱼




    Crispy Fish Fillet in

    Sweetcorn Sauce 粟米斑腩




    Braised Fish Fillet with Bean curd

    & Mushroom Hot Pot 豆豉斑腩鱼煲




    Poached Spicy Fish Fillet 水煮鱼




    Steamed Fish of the Day with

    Ginger & Spring Onion 姜葱蒸鱼

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    Fruity Sweet & Sour King Prawn

    Cantonese Style 水果咕咾虾




    Kung Pao King Prawn

    (Contains Peanut) 宫保虾




    Crispy King Prawn with Dry Chilli

    & Special Herbs 辣子虾




    King Prawn with Broccoli

    & Garlic 蒜蓉西兰花虾仁




    Stir-Fried Squid with Red

    & Green Chilli 双椒鱿鱼




    Kangxi Special Fresh Seabass

    Szechuan Style 香辣烤鱼




    Seafood Bean Curd Hot Pot 海鲜豆腐煲




    Poached Fish in Sour Vegetable Soup 酸菜鱼